S10 depaneling –Mobile Set–up and Storage System for the Depaneling

S10 Depaneling


This mobile SetUp and Storage System is designed for versatility, flexibility and expandability. The EKRA S10 depaneling is an universal auxiliary system for the depaneling process in the electronic manufacturing. The S10 depaneling always offers proper opportunities to quickly and ergonomically provide the necessary tools and accessories right at the process machine.

The basic module consists of:

  • Highvalue metal housing, ESD powder coated
  • Robust and easy to clean stainless steel working plate
  • 2 swing doors for easy access
  • Twistlocker
  • 4 ESD safety castors, steerable, 2 with stoppers
  • Hand grab on side cover
  • 8 Pockets for the accommodation of adapter plates (inside left)
  • 2 small and 1 large drawers (inside right)
  • Preparation for ESD protection
  • Preparation for cable feed through (Micro perforation Ø 50 mm)

More information: sales@s10series.com

Technical data

Size: 1.093 x 804 x 975 mm (L x B x H)
Weight: ca. 130 kg
(Basic modul without Options and payload)
Max. gross weight: 280 kg
Color: SF 700 (Basic Light)

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