S10 solar – Set–up and Storage System for the Solar Cell Manufactoring

Shore Messgerät


This setup and storage system is designed for versatility, ergonomics and flexibility. Space and time are valuable! Therefore the S10 solar contains all the necessary setup and storage possibilities the metallization process requires in one system. Thus you save a lot of space and distances and have all the time a tidily working area. Equipped with detailed smart solutions the S10 solar is designed to facilitate the workflow and the necessary works significantly and allows for an ergonomic and fast provision of required tools right at the manufacturing line.


  • Highvalue metal Housing, welded, ESD powder coated
  • Robust and easy to clean Working Plate (Material: Stainless Steel)
  • Deposition Rack on top of the Working Plate (Material: Stainless Steel)
  • Flexible and ergonomic Screen Cleaning and Assembly System for Type 10 (12”) and 19 (15”) Screens (above left)
  • Storage and Withdrawal Magazine (Material: Stainless Steel) for up to 4 assembled Screens (above right)
  • 2 Swing Doors for easy Access
  • Twistlocker
  • Adjustable Stands (optionally ESD safety castors)
  • Storage Space for up to 9 Pieces of Screens or Adapter Frames (bottom left)
  • 2 small and 1 large Drawers, and 1 Storage Space (bottom middle)
  • Open Storage Space with 2 Deposition Shelves (bottom right)
  • Integrated Holder for Cleaning Paper and Waste Material Bin (Material: Stainless Steel) with automatic Closing Lid
  • Preparation for ESD Protection
  • Preparation for Cable Feed Through (Micro perforation Ø 50 mm)

More information: sales@s10series.com

Technical data

Size: 1.973 x 804 x 1.350 mm (L x B x H)
Weight: ca. 200 kg (ohne Zuladung)
Max. gross weight: 350 kg
Colour: SF 700 (Basic Light)

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